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Breakfast is that first meal of the day and can affect your eating pattern for the rest of the day.  A healthy and balanced breakfast (i.e., one with adequate protein, carbohydrate and fiber) will help keep the "munchies" at bay and allow you to choose wisely for meals to follow.  Carbohydrates provide instantaneous energy, whereas, protein provides it later on.  The fiber keeps you feeling full.  This means those pastries and donuts don't quite measure up!!😏

Eating breakfast gives you muscle and brain power.  Remember, the time between dinner and next morning's breakfast is usually the longest your body goes without food.  Blood sugar levels in your body are usually lowest in the morning and must be replenished if you expect your brain and muscles to function efficiently.

What are the benefits of eating breakfast?
🔸 Starting your day off, energized
🔸 Increased ability to focus/concentrate and be productive
🔸 Boosts metabolism
🔸 Your body is less likely to go into…

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