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A major source of calories in the American diet is the snack.  What is the definition of a snack?  Generally, it is a small amount of food or drink that is consumed between regular meals.  A snack is meant to provide necessary nutrients for your body.  Snacks, when consumed every 3-5 hours (or between meals) can help control blood sugar, appetite and keep you energized by supplying the body with the fuel it needs.  Snacking is beneficial when done in moderation and when making healthy choices.

Healthy (or "smart") snacks do not have to be boring either!  You'd be surprised at how tasty some of these snacks are and how easy they are to carry around with you (especially if you're always on the go!).  Healthy snacking:
● Provides a wide variety of nutrients (e.g., protein, vitamins, fiber)
● Prevents overeating
● Provides energy during the late afternoon (you know that period of the day when you feel like you just want to take a nap 😴)
● Increases metabolism.  I often tel…

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